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> Lazada is a website you can rely on- A Review

Lazada is a website you can rely on- A Review

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A website’s reliability is a defining factor when one is trying to decide which online shopping website he will shop from. Since we are talking about reliability, I want to share how reliable LazadaPH is. It is the first online shopping website I have gone through and I never had any bad experience. I would say that it is a very reliable online shopping partner that you can really trust with your hard earned money. You might be wondering what my basis were when I said that Lazada is a reliable website. With online shopping websites mushrooming all over the internet it would be hard to tell on the get-go whether an online shopping website is to be trusted or not. It is really difficult to tell just by looking at how the website looks like. A little bit of research is in order to make sure that the online shopping website that you are going to be dealing with is reliable and can be trusted.


So what I did was I looked around the internet for some facts about Lazada and here are some of the things that I found out about them:  Lazada Philippines is an online shopping company backed by a very successful online venture builder company called Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is out of Berlin, Germany. The company showcases very impressive portfolio of online ventures that it has built over the years. Rocket-Internet has offices around the globe, employs around 15,000 people and has been doing it for more than 10 years. This kind of backing gives Lazada several points on the reliability meter. Another thing that I gathered during my research is that Lazada is PCI-DSS certified. PCI-DSS is a security standard that guarantees the reliability of online shopping websites electronic payment process. Formed in 2006, PCI-DSS takes care of the development and management of PCI security standards. If their logo is showing up on a website that means electronic payment transactions like credit card payments are protected by the most recent security technology available thus making the website less prone to security attacks like fraud and identity theft. You can find the PCI-DSS logo at the bottom part of the website. Another plus factor on the reliability meter is the fact that Lazada has their office address listed on the website which is somehow a reassurance that there is a place where you could go to if ever you have complaints.


These are just snippets of information that I have gathered to support my claim that Lazada is a website that one can trust. The most important thing that I did to prove their reliability is through making an actual purchase. It’s like testing the waters so to speak. I started off by purchasing an item with a fairly sizable tag price around 300 Php. To 500 Php and paid it with my credit card. I was thinking of paying cash on delivery but decide to go through the credit card way because it is a good way to also test their online security. My item was delivered on time and in excellent condition. I checked my credit card bill and I didn’t see any unauthorized charges or whatsoever which means that their website is secured when it comes to payment transactions. I am very pleased with Lazada Philippines overall and it is currently on the top of my trusted websites list.




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