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What online can offer to consumers that offline can’t


Internet is now becoming a more complex tool. Before we only used Internet as a medium to get information in a flash. Back then, having an Almanac and encyclopedia set in our very home is a must. Without it, research wouldn’t be possible if you don’t prefer going to the libraries during the days. Before it will take you days just to gather all the information you want. With online, all you need to do is type what you are looking for and chances are, the entire article you need for it is already posted online.

But now, Internet is not just for getting information. You have the social media experience, the online shopping experience, and of course, the digital communication experience.  Comparing Internet now from the past will be hard to explain in detail in one page as the growth can now be considered an evolution. 


One example on the evolution of using Internet is online shopping. Actually, online shopping is just booming in our country. Just a year ago, it’s something that is not well regarded by local online users. One of the reasons is due to the fact that we have high rate of scams and frauds online. But this culture or perception in the online industry has changed dramatically within a year. It’s all thanks to website like Lazada Philippines, in my own opinion, they are one of the few E-commerce websites that came here in our country that made a tremendous impact which actually changed how online shopping is viewed by the local online users.


I think one of the main reasons why local online users had quick change of heart with online shopping due to the fact that Lazada introduced “Cash on Delivery” payment method. This actually eliminates the idea of the people that they can be ripped off online. Cash on Delivery actually allows them to order online at the Lazada website; have their ordered package delivered at the doorsteps; pay only right after their item is handed over to them. In essence, they do online shopping selection online while still do hand in hand offline transactions.


Another thing that captivated the offline consumers is that on online shopping malls promos and discounts is always available. It’s not a secret recipe. People crave for great deals and if anyone can avail any item they want at the lowest cost at some place, that people will riot over which one will be the first to avail such deal. It’s actually what Lazada has been doing. Given that they offer the items online, traditional interest that mall prices place on top of the items they are selling probably because of the rent of store cost, Lazada is able to sell them at a much lower price. To us, it’s something that we’re always eager to get our hands on. Plus the fact that we can get it thru Cash on Delivery and have the item delivered for free
at our very home is the absolute convenience that we consumers are seeking for. That’s something that offline traditional mall can’t offer. Online shopping made all of that possible.




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