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> Lazada’s guarantee of customer satisfaction- A Review

Lazada’s guarantee of customer satisfaction- A Review

customer.jpg I am trying to recall my wonderful online shopping experience with Lazada PH and how I wind up spending more than I intended to. At this moment  I just want to yap away at how great Lazada Philippines is because I simply could not contain my excitement. First things first, I am going to say something about the product categories that they have in there. There are definitely a bunch of them categories. Anyone, young and old alike can find something that will suit their fancy.  How many shopping categories do they have? Well they got 13 exciting product categories that is sure to give an online shopping fanatic quite a blast that will last for days. Here they are in the same order just as they are likely to be found on the website: mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, jewelry and watches and books, music and movies. I am just glad that they didn’t mash together all of the electronic stuff into just one category.


If that was the case I bet it would be a little difficult to browse but thanks to Lazada’s passion towards website usability. They took the time to segregate each electronic item into different categories like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, cameras, consumer electronics and home appliances. That kind of categorization is very helpful for Lazada online shoppers because it makes browsing simpler and a lot easier. Ease of navigation is Lazada’s strongest attribute. The website is so organized, straightforward and not congested. There is a lot of good focus and great energy in the design. There is passion for function. I like it that they opted to go the minimalist way when it comes to the main ethos o ftheir design. The design is very pleasing and well though out. The colors and fonts used are not trying to be in the middle of things, the color combination works great and in congruence with the main theme of the page. The prevailing colors are blue and white which is the archetypal color combination for social networking websites these days. It is very relaxing to look at since blue symbolizes calm and peace and white signifies purity. Regarding prices, Lazada’s item pricing are quite attuned to what the prices are in regular shopping malls.


However, the difference is the convenience of shopping right in the comfort of your own home plus they got discounts and unbeatable deals going on all the time. Some days, Lazada can give you as much as 60% off on items which is something that you will not find everyday in regular shopping malls. They also have free shipping available and the fastest delivery. Some of the items even bear the Lazada Promise seal which means that the item is guaranteed to be dispatched from the Lazada warehouse within 24 hours. They are so committed in fulfilling that 24 hour promise that they are willing to give out a 500 Pesos voucher should they fail to deliver on that promise. You wouldn’t find that kind of passion and commitment to customer satisfaction anywhere else. You’ll get that only in Lazada.    




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