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> Lazada Review: Maximum reliability for online customers

Lazada Review: Maximum reliability for online customers

Recently, I bought an item at Lazada Philippines for my brother’s birthday gift. I first heard of it when I was in the office and one of my buddies in the office had an item delivered at our office. It got me intrigued and asked where he purchased his delivered order. I was expecting that he ordered it from an international online store. To my surprise he told me that he ordered it from a new website which is called Lazada Philippines. He told me to try it out, so that’s what I did. Before I actually went to their website I did some background check on them. Apparently, they are also available in other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. They are actually a sister company of Zalora and all are under the Internet giant company, Rocket Internet owned by the Samwer brothers.


When I first visited their website, what I first noticed is their very friendly interface. In fact, in my own opinion, any new users won’t have a hard time exploring their website. Everything you need is within your access. If you want to check a specific catalogue, you can navigate your selected main category and go through its subcategories. Everything is grouped accordingly so that all users won’t have a hard time browsing their products. In case you need something that is more specific or you know what you really want, you can instantly go to their search bar and directly search for it. Therefore, it saves you valuable time on drilling down each category. Another thing I liked about their website is that their transaction line is verified and secured. This is one of the particular detail I dearly take note of before dealing with online stores. But that was different since I used to deal with international online stores in the past. This time, it’s with a local online shopping mall.


But what really caught my attention are their alternative payment methods. I saw that they have the usual online payment methods, which are via credit card and Paypal account.  What’s interesting among their payment methods is their “Cash on Delivery” payment method. What it does is it allows anyone to become online customers. Lazada doesn’t necessarily depend on their customers to have their own credit cards or Paypal accounts, which are the conventional accepted payment methods to majority of the online stores both local and international. So basically what it does is that you can select any items that you like from the lazada.com.ph website. Once you’re done on selecting the items you want to be delivered on your preferred address, you can opt for the “Cash on Delivery” payment method. With this, you are not required by Lazada Philippines to pay them right away. Lazada will deliver it at your doorsteps. Once it is delivered at your home and ordered package is handed over to you, that’s the only time you are required to pay them. So in essence, you don’t risk your money since you don’t need to pay them in advance. 


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