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> My online stopover: LAZADA Philippines- A Review

My online stopover: LAZADA Philippines- A Review


For more than a decade now, Rocket Internet has created an empire by launching various websites in different parts of the world. Lazada Philippines is one of its long lists of online stores running today that was launched in the year 2012. It is one out of the three websites Rocket Internet is currently working on here in the Philippines. The other two online sites are Office Pro and Zalora Philippines. Office Pro focuses on office materials and equipment while Zalora is concentrated on fashion-related items like bags, shoes, clothes, etc. The company that owns the three websites I mentioned earlier is based in Germany and has been known for its successful online ventures.

                Lazada Philippines is the whole package. It sells pieces under every category commonly found in malls. They have luggage for travelling, oven for baking, books for reading, laptop for studying, etc. It’s basically your very own inventory online. You can check out the latest gadgets, clothes, toys, cameras, appliances anytime you want with no membership required unless of course you’re buying something then that’s a whole other story. Customers are given a total of 7 days to return the item/s ordered in case items are defective, damaged, unwanted or incorrect. Also, customers are given 2 years warranty from the manufacturer of the item you ordered giving customers a sense of relief if ever they go beyond the number of days allowable for returns to be accepted and realizes their item needs to be replaced. I often go online up to this day but I always try to check out the latest sales online whenever I get the chance to.

 It is known for its outstanding selection of items. It sells a variety of products from different brands that are delivered straight to the customer’s house anywhere in the Philippines whether it is in the province or the city. It’s mostly known for its broad collection of cellular phones, laptops or any gadgets in general. But that’s not how I really ended up on this addicting online store. I heard about it through a friend when she was telling me about a sale she was looking forward to online. I didn’t pay that much attention since I don’t go online anyway as often as people my age does. When I got home, I had to do a paper on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Rights and I accidentally clicked the ad banner of Lazada that was on one of the websites I was taking notes from. I don’t if it was coincidental I saw the website after hearing about it or the site just generally pops out everywhere online. I looked around and was fascinated with the number of items they had available for sale. My friend was not exaggerating when she said that the site had majority of what we’d need for a new place. She just moved to her own place so I wasn’t surprised she liked the website so much. It delivers for purchases worth P1, 000 and above for free.




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