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> Online shopping made simple with Lazada’s cash on delivery payment- A Review

Online shopping made simple with Lazada’s cash on delivery payment- A Review

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Making payments is one of the primary concerns of most online shoppers. After all if you want to shop you have to pay for the items that you bought right? Fortunately we have Lazada PH in our midst, an online shopping website that offers a lot of ways to pay for the items that you bought. Going a few years back, I was not really the type of person who was into online shopping because I did not have a credit card. Online shopping for me was a complicated way to shop for things. I thought to myself why would I go into online shopping when I could just drop by the mall anytime and get my hands on the stuff that I want to buy immediately using the money that I have. There are no fussy credit card payments; no waiting for the item to arrive thus instant gratification is achieved. After all the reason behind most shopping sprees is not really need but want.


People do shopping as a form of therapy, what is a more relaxing thing after a long stressful day at work but a little retail therapy at the mall right? Anyway, with the proliferation of the Internet and with the huge number of companies getting into the Internet bandwagon, the popularity of online shopping has also increased. The types of goods that one can buy online may not necessarily be the same kind of item that one can find at the mall. Nowadays, the products that you can buy at an online store are more varied and more diverse. The amount of specialty stores offering unique items are a dime a dozen. There are items that are actually not available at any physical shops and exclusive only to particular online retail stores. Online shopping has really gone a long way from its humble beginnings. I remember at one point that the only items that companies sell online were computer software that can be downloaded and paid for using a credit card. Right now it is a totally new environment and the items options have significantly increased.


The only qualms I had was the payment options. Traditional online shopping websites would only accept credit cards. This is particularly true more so if the website is located internationally. Now going back to what I was saying earlier about Lazada Philippines as a premier and one of the Philippines first online shopping website (aptly called as the Philippines’ online shopping mall), I got into online shopping only because Lazada offered different methods to pay. They came through with a very practical and convenient way to pay in the form of cash on delivery payment. Although this payment method is not really a new innovation in traditional mail order shopping, it is for online shopping. I can’t stress enough the convenience that this payment method has brought me. I can now just browse around, order the item that I want and proceed to check out and just select cash on delivery payment and pay for it when it arrives. No upfront money required. A very simple and worry-free transaction indeed that you will only find in Lazada.



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