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> Lazada Philippines review: In Online Shopping We Trust

Lazada Philippines review: In Online Shopping We Trust


I've always loved shopping online. Nothing beats the convenience it offers. When Lazada Philippines came into the local market, I knew instantly that this is going to be the mother of all shopping sites. And I was right! I got hooked shopping at the Philippines' Online Shopping Mall and haven't looked back since.


I know not everyone shares the same sentiment as I do but before you dismiss my claims as silly and borderline fanatical, allow me to back it up with substantial evidence. To those who don't know, this site is operated by an international company called Rocket Internet and they currently operate in five other countries as well. Impressive, I know. Just from that fact alone, you know you're in good hands as a big company like this just wouldn't risk its reputation by doing scandalous business practices.


Another noteworthy fact is that they use SSL transcription to enable safe and sound payment transactions. I know that in the Philippines, a lot are still uneasy with the idea of  using their credit cards for online payments for fear of being a victim of hacking and fraud and identity theft. They have a few other payment options apart from credit card that will suit your preference.


Their customer service is also unparalleled. Their agents are friendly yet professional. They know the company policies like the back of their hand so I'm never worried of being misled whenever I make product inquiries.


Another top attraction is their free delivery available to so many locations all over the country. Best part is there is no minimum purchase needed! And in case you find yourself dissatisfied with the product, isn't it comforting to know that you can return the item with its original packaging within the 7-day period no questions asked? Only of course, if the item isn't damaged, you will have to shoulder the delivery return fee. If the product is indeed damaged, a refund of the return shipping fee is guaranteed.


Now, the products they carry are very diverse. There is something for everyone. From clothes, shoes, gadgets, appliances, beauty products, baby stuff (including diapers!)  and even movies and books, they can all be found under one virtual roof!  They also carry some of the most loved local and imported brands. So you're assured that the items are not only pretty but durable too. Shopping on this site surely beats going to the mall!


I just love how they make customer convenience one of their main priorities. It just goes to show how much the company understands the fickle and fiercely competitive online retail  industry. So as I contemplate on buying my dad an iPad mini for his birthday, I know exactly where I will get it. I have no doubts whatsoever in making such an expensive and important purchase online. Based on my past shopping experiences with this site, I'm 110% sure the product will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.  That is how much I trust Lazada Philipines.


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