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> LAZADA: Doing more than just riding the current

LAZADA: Doing more than just riding the current

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Upscale site layouts and advance customer features --- these are just some of the developments that have transpired in the past couple of years that internet shopping has existed. But what strikes me the most is each website’s capacity to keep up with the inevitable growth in the numbers of competition. I can’t imagine a shoe company being launched everyday let alone thousands of newly made sites published everyday. So how do online entrepreneurs carry out tradition without neglecting their goal to gain profit? I asked a few of my friends who are studying B.S. Entrepreneurship and B.S. Information System to enlighten me with regards to this massive increase and its impact on the economy, the e-commerce industry to be more specific.


                A friend of mine who is graduating this term told me that she thinks it’s not something to be feared but instead is something that should be embraced by each and everyone of us, online user or not. The future holds a very techie savvy community and if the people of today continue not to grab the opportunity to learn this very technical craft then they are likely to be left out making it harder for them to establish a successful company or brand. Eveyone who is anyone has at least one social media site page under their name. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. One thing is certain, the world is being swallowed by technology without it even knowing. If there’s predicted flood, best way to survive is to learn how to float. But if you want to last longer, you have to learn how to ride the current. It doesn’t matter if it’s through swimming or surfing. As long as you manage to survive each wave as it passes by.


                Lazada, an e-commerce website, that has a office based in the streets of Makati, Philippines, knows a thing or two about riding the wave. Because they are owned by foreigners, the only way they can survive the economy in the Philippines is if they learn how to get by or go around the set boundaries without putting anyone at risk. Their own idea of survival in the e-commerce industry is establishing an online website that sells several kinds and brands of products all at once to widen their market scope. Having a website that has good quality products will get you through your bills for a couple of months but there is no assurance you’ll last more than a year. Why? Because while a single-functioning website is out floating, the rest of the websites on its same radar are learning how to do water sports. A lot more interesting and remarkable compared to the mere action of floating.


                The e-commerce industry is just as competitive as the normal industries that have been in production for years. But unlike in land-based industries, businessmen that enter the viral world of e-commerce are given no limitations, only possibilities. There’s no better way to explore than to have a canvas that you’re allowed to improve on forever.



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