LAZADA: Doing more than just riding the current

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Upscale site layouts and advance customer features --- these are just some of the developments that have transpired in the past couple of years that internet shopping has existed. But what strikes me the most is each website’s capacity to keep up with the inevitable growth in the numbers of competition. I can’t imagine a shoe company being launched everyday let alone thousands of newly made sites published everyday. So how do online entrepreneurs carry out tradition without neglecting their goal to gain profit? I asked a few of my friends who are studying B.S. Entrepreneurship and B.S. Information System to enlighten me with regards to this massive increase and its impact on the economy, the e-commerce industry to be more specific.


                A friend of mine who is graduating this term told me that she thinks it’s not something to be feared but instead is something that should be embraced by each and everyone of us, online user or not. The future holds a very techie savvy community and if the people of today continue not to grab the opportunity to learn this very technical craft then they are likely to be left out making it harder for them to establish a successful company or brand. Eveyone who is anyone has at least one social media site page under their name. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. One thing is certain, the world is being swallowed by technology without it even knowing. If there’s predicted flood, best way to survive is to learn how to float. But if you want to last longer, you have to learn how to ride the current. It doesn’t matter if it’s through swimming or surfing. As long as you manage to survive each wave as it passes by.


                Lazada, an e-commerce website, that has a office based in the streets of Makati, Philippines, knows a thing or two about riding the wave. Because they are owned by foreigners, the only way they can survive the economy in the Philippines is if they learn how to get by or go around the set boundaries without putting anyone at risk. Their own idea of survival in the e-commerce industry is establishing an online website that sells several kinds and brands of products all at once to widen their market scope. Having a website that has good quality products will get you through your bills for a couple of months but there is no assurance you’ll last more than a year. Why? Because while a single-functioning website is out floating, the rest of the websites on its same radar are learning how to do water sports. A lot more interesting and remarkable compared to the mere action of floating.


                The e-commerce industry is just as competitive as the normal industries that have been in production for years. But unlike in land-based industries, businessmen that enter the viral world of e-commerce are given no limitations, only possibilities. There’s no better way to explore than to have a canvas that you’re allowed to improve on forever.


Lazada Philippines: The overlooked potential and benefits of online shopping


I find it incredibly surprising that the Filipino market has yet to maximize the full potential of both online selling and shopping. Yes, there are already a number of Filipinos that are part of the hype. But underneath the fad, only a few have really understood and digested the possibilities that online shopping and selling can bring to the table. Imagine how things would become a lot easier if everything we need and want are accessible in the palm of our hands. Palm because e-commerce in the form of online selling and buying is not limited to computers or laptops. This form of online activity can be accommodated through any electronic system like cellular phones and tablets. As long as you are capable of going online, you can register or simply browse over countless websites.

Lazada Philippines is just one of the many online shopping options Filipinos can choose from. A site as simplistic as Lazada can house more than a thousand products without having to link a customer over to another individual site. If you’re as fed as I am with having to go from one store to another just to get your hands on the perfect pair of sunglasses or the most convenient phone, then you will definitely enjoy the benefits of online shopping. Lazada contains more than 10 categories, each uniquely designed to soothe individual preferences like appliances, gadgets, clothes, toys, book etc. If you have overused your laptop with your constant online food deliveries and you feel like investing on something long term then this online shopping site sensation will fit your lifestyle well. Well enough to make you want to keep coming back just to check out the latest trends and their undeniably good promo deals. You don’t have to restrict yourself to checking out just one type of item because the rest are not on sale. With Lazada, you can choose from abundant selections of merchandises that mostly come along with a discount. If not, it’s most likely to be under some sort of promo that ties up with specific modes of payment.

Online shopping isn’t new to us but what people fail to realize during their first attempt in buying online is the convenience of not having to get out of one’s pajamas on a cool day perfect to be enjoyed with a hot cup of chocolate. Filipinos can finally do what they do best which is to watch their favorite noon time show up to their most awaited telanovela with a few movies from HBO or Star Movies in between without sacrificing the completion of their to-do list. You can now cross out everything on your shopping list without having to move a muscle besides your fingers of course.

The Philippines is well-known for the huge population who indulge themselves in online surfing. Filipinos might as well take advantage of their surfing privileges by gaining a lot more than just straining their eye. Good deals can be found all over the web. But it takes a good eye to find a website that matches one’s interest perfectly.




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Lazada Philippines review: In Online Shopping We Trust


I've always loved shopping online. Nothing beats the convenience it offers. When Lazada Philippines came into the local market, I knew instantly that this is going to be the mother of all shopping sites. And I was right! I got hooked shopping at the Philippines' Online Shopping Mall and haven't looked back since.


I know not everyone shares the same sentiment as I do but before you dismiss my claims as silly and borderline fanatical, allow me to back it up with substantial evidence. To those who don't know, this site is operated by an international company called Rocket Internet and they currently operate in five other countries as well. Impressive, I know. Just from that fact alone, you know you're in good hands as a big company like this just wouldn't risk its reputation by doing scandalous business practices.


Another noteworthy fact is that they use SSL transcription to enable safe and sound payment transactions. I know that in the Philippines, a lot are still uneasy with the idea of  using their credit cards for online payments for fear of being a victim of hacking and fraud and identity theft. They have a few other payment options apart from credit card that will suit your preference.


Their customer service is also unparalleled. Their agents are friendly yet professional. They know the company policies like the back of their hand so I'm never worried of being misled whenever I make product inquiries.


Another top attraction is their free delivery available to so many locations all over the country. Best part is there is no minimum purchase needed! And in case you find yourself dissatisfied with the product, isn't it comforting to know that you can return the item with its original packaging within the 7-day period no questions asked? Only of course, if the item isn't damaged, you will have to shoulder the delivery return fee. If the product is indeed damaged, a refund of the return shipping fee is guaranteed.


Now, the products they carry are very diverse. There is something for everyone. From clothes, shoes, gadgets, appliances, beauty products, baby stuff (including diapers!)  and even movies and books, they can all be found under one virtual roof!  They also carry some of the most loved local and imported brands. So you're assured that the items are not only pretty but durable too. Shopping on this site surely beats going to the mall!


I just love how they make customer convenience one of their main priorities. It just goes to show how much the company understands the fickle and fiercely competitive online retail  industry. So as I contemplate on buying my dad an iPad mini for his birthday, I know exactly where I will get it. I have no doubts whatsoever in making such an expensive and important purchase online. Based on my past shopping experiences with this site, I'm 110% sure the product will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.  That is how much I trust Lazada Philipines.


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Online shopping made simple with Lazada’s cash on delivery payment- A Review

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Making payments is one of the primary concerns of most online shoppers. After all if you want to shop you have to pay for the items that you bought right? Fortunately we have Lazada PH in our midst, an online shopping website that offers a lot of ways to pay for the items that you bought. Going a few years back, I was not really the type of person who was into online shopping because I did not have a credit card. Online shopping for me was a complicated way to shop for things. I thought to myself why would I go into online shopping when I could just drop by the mall anytime and get my hands on the stuff that I want to buy immediately using the money that I have. There are no fussy credit card payments; no waiting for the item to arrive thus instant gratification is achieved. After all the reason behind most shopping sprees is not really need but want.


People do shopping as a form of therapy, what is a more relaxing thing after a long stressful day at work but a little retail therapy at the mall right? Anyway, with the proliferation of the Internet and with the huge number of companies getting into the Internet bandwagon, the popularity of online shopping has also increased. The types of goods that one can buy online may not necessarily be the same kind of item that one can find at the mall. Nowadays, the products that you can buy at an online store are more varied and more diverse. The amount of specialty stores offering unique items are a dime a dozen. There are items that are actually not available at any physical shops and exclusive only to particular online retail stores. Online shopping has really gone a long way from its humble beginnings. I remember at one point that the only items that companies sell online were computer software that can be downloaded and paid for using a credit card. Right now it is a totally new environment and the items options have significantly increased.


The only qualms I had was the payment options. Traditional online shopping websites would only accept credit cards. This is particularly true more so if the website is located internationally. Now going back to what I was saying earlier about Lazada Philippines as a premier and one of the Philippines first online shopping website (aptly called as the Philippines’ online shopping mall), I got into online shopping only because Lazada offered different methods to pay. They came through with a very practical and convenient way to pay in the form of cash on delivery payment. Although this payment method is not really a new innovation in traditional mail order shopping, it is for online shopping. I can’t stress enough the convenience that this payment method has brought me. I can now just browse around, order the item that I want and proceed to check out and just select cash on delivery payment and pay for it when it arrives. No upfront money required. A very simple and worry-free transaction indeed that you will only find in Lazada.


My online stopover: LAZADA Philippines- A Review


For more than a decade now, Rocket Internet has created an empire by launching various websites in different parts of the world. Lazada Philippines is one of its long lists of online stores running today that was launched in the year 2012. It is one out of the three websites Rocket Internet is currently working on here in the Philippines. The other two online sites are Office Pro and Zalora Philippines. Office Pro focuses on office materials and equipment while Zalora is concentrated on fashion-related items like bags, shoes, clothes, etc. The company that owns the three websites I mentioned earlier is based in Germany and has been known for its successful online ventures.

                Lazada Philippines is the whole package. It sells pieces under every category commonly found in malls. They have luggage for travelling, oven for baking, books for reading, laptop for studying, etc. It’s basically your very own inventory online. You can check out the latest gadgets, clothes, toys, cameras, appliances anytime you want with no membership required unless of course you’re buying something then that’s a whole other story. Customers are given a total of 7 days to return the item/s ordered in case items are defective, damaged, unwanted or incorrect. Also, customers are given 2 years warranty from the manufacturer of the item you ordered giving customers a sense of relief if ever they go beyond the number of days allowable for returns to be accepted and realizes their item needs to be replaced. I often go online up to this day but I always try to check out the latest sales online whenever I get the chance to.

 It is known for its outstanding selection of items. It sells a variety of products from different brands that are delivered straight to the customer’s house anywhere in the Philippines whether it is in the province or the city. It’s mostly known for its broad collection of cellular phones, laptops or any gadgets in general. But that’s not how I really ended up on this addicting online store. I heard about it through a friend when she was telling me about a sale she was looking forward to online. I didn’t pay that much attention since I don’t go online anyway as often as people my age does. When I got home, I had to do a paper on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Rights and I accidentally clicked the ad banner of Lazada that was on one of the websites I was taking notes from. I don’t if it was coincidental I saw the website after hearing about it or the site just generally pops out everywhere online. I looked around and was fascinated with the number of items they had available for sale. My friend was not exaggerating when she said that the site had majority of what we’d need for a new place. She just moved to her own place so I wasn’t surprised she liked the website so much. It delivers for purchases worth P1, 000 and above for free.



Lazada Review: Maximum reliability for online customers

Recently, I bought an item at Lazada Philippines for my brother’s birthday gift. I first heard of it when I was in the office and one of my buddies in the office had an item delivered at our office. It got me intrigued and asked where he purchased his delivered order. I was expecting that he ordered it from an international online store. To my surprise he told me that he ordered it from a new website which is called Lazada Philippines. He told me to try it out, so that’s what I did. Before I actually went to their website I did some background check on them. Apparently, they are also available in other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. They are actually a sister company of Zalora and all are under the Internet giant company, Rocket Internet owned by the Samwer brothers.


When I first visited their website, what I first noticed is their very friendly interface. In fact, in my own opinion, any new users won’t have a hard time exploring their website. Everything you need is within your access. If you want to check a specific catalogue, you can navigate your selected main category and go through its subcategories. Everything is grouped accordingly so that all users won’t have a hard time browsing their products. In case you need something that is more specific or you know what you really want, you can instantly go to their search bar and directly search for it. Therefore, it saves you valuable time on drilling down each category. Another thing I liked about their website is that their transaction line is verified and secured. This is one of the particular detail I dearly take note of before dealing with online stores. But that was different since I used to deal with international online stores in the past. This time, it’s with a local online shopping mall.


But what really caught my attention are their alternative payment methods. I saw that they have the usual online payment methods, which are via credit card and Paypal account.  What’s interesting among their payment methods is their “Cash on Delivery” payment method. What it does is it allows anyone to become online customers. Lazada doesn’t necessarily depend on their customers to have their own credit cards or Paypal accounts, which are the conventional accepted payment methods to majority of the online stores both local and international. So basically what it does is that you can select any items that you like from the website. Once you’re done on selecting the items you want to be delivered on your preferred address, you can opt for the “Cash on Delivery” payment method. With this, you are not required by Lazada Philippines to pay them right away. Lazada will deliver it at your doorsteps. Once it is delivered at your home and ordered package is handed over to you, that’s the only time you are required to pay them. So in essence, you don’t risk your money since you don’t need to pay them in advance. 

Lazada’s guarantee of customer satisfaction- A Review

customer.jpg I am trying to recall my wonderful online shopping experience with Lazada PH and how I wind up spending more than I intended to. At this moment  I just want to yap away at how great Lazada Philippines is because I simply could not contain my excitement. First things first, I am going to say something about the product categories that they have in there. There are definitely a bunch of them categories. Anyone, young and old alike can find something that will suit their fancy.  How many shopping categories do they have? Well they got 13 exciting product categories that is sure to give an online shopping fanatic quite a blast that will last for days. Here they are in the same order just as they are likely to be found on the website: mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, jewelry and watches and books, music and movies. I am just glad that they didn’t mash together all of the electronic stuff into just one category.


If that was the case I bet it would be a little difficult to browse but thanks to Lazada’s passion towards website usability. They took the time to segregate each electronic item into different categories like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, cameras, consumer electronics and home appliances. That kind of categorization is very helpful for Lazada online shoppers because it makes browsing simpler and a lot easier. Ease of navigation is Lazada’s strongest attribute. The website is so organized, straightforward and not congested. There is a lot of good focus and great energy in the design. There is passion for function. I like it that they opted to go the minimalist way when it comes to the main ethos o ftheir design. The design is very pleasing and well though out. The colors and fonts used are not trying to be in the middle of things, the color combination works great and in congruence with the main theme of the page. The prevailing colors are blue and white which is the archetypal color combination for social networking websites these days. It is very relaxing to look at since blue symbolizes calm and peace and white signifies purity. Regarding prices, Lazada’s item pricing are quite attuned to what the prices are in regular shopping malls.


However, the difference is the convenience of shopping right in the comfort of your own home plus they got discounts and unbeatable deals going on all the time. Some days, Lazada can give you as much as 60% off on items which is something that you will not find everyday in regular shopping malls. They also have free shipping available and the fastest delivery. Some of the items even bear the Lazada Promise seal which means that the item is guaranteed to be dispatched from the Lazada warehouse within 24 hours. They are so committed in fulfilling that 24 hour promise that they are willing to give out a 500 Pesos voucher should they fail to deliver on that promise. You wouldn’t find that kind of passion and commitment to customer satisfaction anywhere else. You’ll get that only in Lazada.    




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Quality delivery service available at Lazada- A Review


Do you believe that it’s possible to receive class A service without having to be either popular or powerful? Well regardless of your opinion, it is apparent that it is. Online shopping websites especially those owned by big companies make it their obligation to provide only the best kind of service to their customers. Delivery services help those with a busy schedule to maximize their free time. If you used to run over to your favorite store just to reach a certain promo offer then you are probably one of those who appreciate online shopping. Its benefits are endless because of just how possible anything is with the growth of technology. Some elders think it’s a shame that a child’s life is unprotected from the various kinds of harm technological advancements. I get where they’re coming from because obviously the manner of how people lived before is extremely different from the lifestyles of the people now. But if the improvements being implemented are for our benefit and can make some of our tasks just a little less stressful, who are we to reject the nice gesture?

                There’s one thing I am extremely grateful about shopping online. It’s having the freedom to choose where my orders will be delivered and having full control from the moment I ordered my items to the day it is delivered to me. I really love going to the mall and checking out some appliances for myself. But if I’m completely aware of what I want and I have to go through the stress of walking around a crowded building, I would probably get so ticked off I would end up not buying one instead. But what if I’m able to purchase just about anything and comfortably wait for it to be shipped to my house? Online shop definitely defined convenience in a whole different angle. It doesn’t promote laziness unless you were a bum to begin with. Anything has its downfalls. It’s about how youOnline shop definitely defined convenience in a whole different angle. It doesn’t promote laziness unless you were a bum to begin with. Anything has its downfalls. It’s about how you choose to make use of your advantages that’s more important.

                One of the moments I truly appreciated the gift of free online service was when I had to get an aircon installed in my house but I didn’t have the car to conveniently bring it over to my house. Cab rides are so expensive nowadays that I chose to ride the train which I despised before just to save a few breads. I ordered from an online shopping website called Lazada PH that delivers purchases above 1 thousand pesos for free. Not only was I able to save myself cab fare but I was also able to take away the burden of having to drive home with an appliance at the back of the car. If ever I chose to get it delivered from the store, I would have to not only pay for my fare going home but also have to pay for additional payments concerning the delivery truck that I would have to hire.  




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What online can offer to consumers that offline can’t


Internet is now becoming a more complex tool. Before we only used Internet as a medium to get information in a flash. Back then, having an Almanac and encyclopedia set in our very home is a must. Without it, research wouldn’t be possible if you don’t prefer going to the libraries during the days. Before it will take you days just to gather all the information you want. With online, all you need to do is type what you are looking for and chances are, the entire article you need for it is already posted online.

But now, Internet is not just for getting information. You have the social media experience, the online shopping experience, and of course, the digital communication experience.  Comparing Internet now from the past will be hard to explain in detail in one page as the growth can now be considered an evolution. 


One example on the evolution of using Internet is online shopping. Actually, online shopping is just booming in our country. Just a year ago, it’s something that is not well regarded by local online users. One of the reasons is due to the fact that we have high rate of scams and frauds online. But this culture or perception in the online industry has changed dramatically within a year. It’s all thanks to website like Lazada Philippines, in my own opinion, they are one of the few E-commerce websites that came here in our country that made a tremendous impact which actually changed how online shopping is viewed by the local online users.


I think one of the main reasons why local online users had quick change of heart with online shopping due to the fact that Lazada introduced “Cash on Delivery” payment method. This actually eliminates the idea of the people that they can be ripped off online. Cash on Delivery actually allows them to order online at the Lazada website; have their ordered package delivered at the doorsteps; pay only right after their item is handed over to them. In essence, they do online shopping selection online while still do hand in hand offline transactions.


Another thing that captivated the offline consumers is that on online shopping malls promos and discounts is always available. It’s not a secret recipe. People crave for great deals and if anyone can avail any item they want at the lowest cost at some place, that people will riot over which one will be the first to avail such deal. It’s actually what Lazada has been doing. Given that they offer the items online, traditional interest that mall prices place on top of the items they are selling probably because of the rent of store cost, Lazada is able to sell them at a much lower price. To us, it’s something that we’re always eager to get our hands on. Plus the fact that we can get it thru Cash on Delivery and have the item delivered for free
at our very home is the absolute convenience that we consumers are seeking for. That’s something that offline traditional mall can’t offer. Online shopping made all of that possible.




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Lazada is a website you can rely on- A Review

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A website’s reliability is a defining factor when one is trying to decide which online shopping website he will shop from. Since we are talking about reliability, I want to share how reliable LazadaPH is. It is the first online shopping website I have gone through and I never had any bad experience. I would say that it is a very reliable online shopping partner that you can really trust with your hard earned money. You might be wondering what my basis were when I said that Lazada is a reliable website. With online shopping websites mushrooming all over the internet it would be hard to tell on the get-go whether an online shopping website is to be trusted or not. It is really difficult to tell just by looking at how the website looks like. A little bit of research is in order to make sure that the online shopping website that you are going to be dealing with is reliable and can be trusted.


So what I did was I looked around the internet for some facts about Lazada and here are some of the things that I found out about them:  Lazada Philippines is an online shopping company backed by a very successful online venture builder company called Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is out of Berlin, Germany. The company showcases very impressive portfolio of online ventures that it has built over the years. Rocket-Internet has offices around the globe, employs around 15,000 people and has been doing it for more than 10 years. This kind of backing gives Lazada several points on the reliability meter. Another thing that I gathered during my research is that Lazada is PCI-DSS certified. PCI-DSS is a security standard that guarantees the reliability of online shopping websites electronic payment process. Formed in 2006, PCI-DSS takes care of the development and management of PCI security standards. If their logo is showing up on a website that means electronic payment transactions like credit card payments are protected by the most recent security technology available thus making the website less prone to security attacks like fraud and identity theft. You can find the PCI-DSS logo at the bottom part of the website. Another plus factor on the reliability meter is the fact that Lazada has their office address listed on the website which is somehow a reassurance that there is a place where you could go to if ever you have complaints.


These are just snippets of information that I have gathered to support my claim that Lazada is a website that one can trust. The most important thing that I did to prove their reliability is through making an actual purchase. It’s like testing the waters so to speak. I started off by purchasing an item with a fairly sizable tag price around 300 Php. To 500 Php and paid it with my credit card. I was thinking of paying cash on delivery but decide to go through the credit card way because it is a good way to also test their online security. My item was delivered on time and in excellent condition. I checked my credit card bill and I didn’t see any unauthorized charges or whatsoever which means that their website is secured when it comes to payment transactions. I am very pleased with Lazada Philippines overall and it is currently on the top of my trusted websites list.




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