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Lazada is set to take over the local online shopping industry- A Review

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When I look at Lazada PH I couldn’t help but admire how the website is reminiscent of and why not it really is supposed to be like that: An clone as what I have found out during one of my information sojourns through Google. Now you might think that cloning a business or a website sounds a bit onerous but wait it is not really like that. It’s actually genius and it rakes in tons of cash. Lazada is an online shopping website poised to be Southeast Asia’s The company behind it is Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is a Berlin based company that is widely popular in the tech industry for replicating business models of highly successful online start-ups (mostly from the US), launching them in another location, and transforming them into massively successful multi-million dollar businesses. Rocket-Internet is the biggest, fastest and hugely successful international online venture builder. They have been doing it since and have created around 100 market leading businesses in over 40 countries. They have 25 offices internationally all over the world. The headquarters is situated in Berlin, Germany which is like Europe’s Silicon Valley and has over 50 active independent portfolio companies with popular names like, Zalando, Wimdu, Mizado, Zalora, Linio and a whole lot more, with many of them in multiple markets. Rocket Internet employs over 15,000 employees all over the world and known for their quick hiring practices.


Their amazon clone Lazada Ph is known locally as the Philippines’ online shopping mall. It is growing exponentially and bigger all over the country along with the local shopper’s huge acceptance of this new concept in shopping (well it is not an entirely new thing for shoppers here but the fact that it is something located locally is what draws in the huge interest) As an online shopping website that is set to  dominate the local  E-commerce market, Lazada provides convenient, hassle-free shopping, free delivery available, seven days return policy, cash on delivery service, and best of all an excellent shopping experience. Ardent online shoppers can choose from a multitude of premium of products online like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports and books music and movies. I am going to talk about their introduction of the cash on delivery payment method to online shopping. This payment method made it a whole lot easier for shoppers to decide whether they will get into online shopping or not.


I personally think that this payment method made online shopping a lot more popular here in the Philippines, with it, Lazada was able to tap into a more diverse market demographic. They have made online shopping an activity that is not solely confined to people who owns credit cards. Right now everyone who knows how to use the internet can do it. Truly indeed, Lazada is the Philippines’ online shopping mall. Lazada is here to stay and it is going to get bigger and bigger for sure.




Fast and free delivery is Lazada’s thing- A Review

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Free delivery available is one of the best things that I like in LazadaPH . I mean who wants to pay for delivery right? It was one of those lazy post lunch instances at work where everyone was looking for things to tickle their fancy. I was snooping around like I always do on the awesome World Wide Web just checking out stuff, looking for items I could burn my hard earned money through, as I was browsing around I chanced upon I have gotten wind of a lot of nice things about this online shopping website before and how fast it caught up in the market.  What I look for in a shopping website on top of the quality of items, reliability, great deals/promotions etc... Is of course the delivery time frame and how fast it takes for the item to get in my hands. I mean, I don’t like waiting, who wants to wait for an item forever right? Plus I don’t want it to get lost in the mail either because that is something that I wouldn’t want to deal with.


So on the top of my priority list of things that I first check out when I am going through an online shopping site for the first time is the delivery method and delivery policies. Lazada Philippines has a very well thought out shipping and returns policy. They go and deliver anywhere, everywhere and wherever you are at in the Philippine Islands. If you’re located in the capital or Metro Manila it is going to take only 2-5 business days for your purchases to arrive at your doorstep. Most online shopping websites or mail order companies for that matter have the standard 7-10 business days. If you are located on the outskirts of Metro Manila or farther, the delivery turnaround time is going to be somewhere around 5-10 business days and again let me just reiterate that other companies would usually take longer. What helps Lazada with their delivery is their partnership with one of the Philippines trusted and established courier delivery service company that is LBC. It definitely inspires confidence in shoppers that Lazada is teamed up with a premier delivery company for their provincial orders. I recently ordered a Paperback from Lazada (they also sell books by the way) I am located in Metro Manila. I was expecting for my package to arrive after 5 days because I didn’t set my expectations really high in terms of the delivery time frame. But lo and behold, Lazada came through and far exceeded my delivery expectations.


The item only took three days to get to me which is quite a big surprise. I was simply ecstatic. My face was lit up with a bright sunshiny smile as I sign the delivery receipt and accepting the item. Lazada Philippines has really gone above and beyond. This is the fastest item delivery that I have experienced for quite some time. I highly recommend Lazada Ph for their wonderful and prompt item delivery. You can get it only from the Philippines online shopping mall.




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Online sites unfold: Lazada Philippines – A Review



I hate waiting in line for my turn especially if it’s insanely humid in the store. I hate having to wait for all my purchases to be encoded especially when I have tons to do after. I hate picking up all the paper bags and walking towards the car only to get one of the bags ripped because it can’t support the weight of the items that was put in it. Woah. That was a long one. But what I’m just basically trying to point out is, it sucks having to go through all inconveniences that come along with the whole shopping extravaganza. Now, if you can do all of this from your home and not have to worry whether or not you’re taking too long in front of the shelf blocking everyone else from checking it out, wouldn’t you at least consider giving it a try? Well, for those who know exactly just what I’m talking about, I hope you comment down below about your thoughts on the very popular online active now called online shopping. E-You don’t have to worry about squeezing yourself in a crowd or running around from one aisle to another just to get the item of your choice. Online shops bring you your favored items from the comforts of your desktop computer.

                Before, I would have to drive outside the village to get my hands on the essential and big ticket items I need. Now, all I have to do is go online and register to the specific website I wish to make a transaction with. Everything I might need can be bought online nowadays. I no longer have to wait in line or carry my baggage to the car because instead, I can just add to my cart whatever item I want, big or small, and wait for the items to be delivered to me. Normally, small selling sites require additional fees to accommodate shipment. I personally only buy in big selling sites to avoid conflict. Since big companies have a name to uphold, their services are of more quality. An example of this is when I ordered from the ‘Philippines’ Online Shopping Site’ as they would tag themselves named Lazada Philippines. They have other branches all over Southeast Asia which are fuelled by German businessmen, the Samwer brothers. Since they’re internationally recognized, I was able to make a quick background check regarding the site that made me at ease with submitting my personal information. I ordered iPhone dock speakers for my room and like expected, my order was delivered to me with no shipping fees whatsoever. I don’t know the basis of companies that make them decide whether or not they should require additional fees for item delivery. Lazada is one of the growing e-commerce websites specifically created for the convenience of Filipinos published today that offer shipment free of charge. I think it’s always best to research on sites both popular and just starting so out we can discover more promos that are to our advantage. Delivery fees differ per location so not having charged a single peso for all kinds of transactions make shopping at home an even better option.







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Lazada PH Review: Not enough line of credit? No problem


What is a better way to blow that Aguinaldo money away than doing some online shopping at Lazada PH, which is what I am going to do. I know I have splurged a lot during the Christmas holiday rush but I still got some room for a post-holiday retail therapy. I am a sucker for taking pictures and believe me I have taken so much advantage of that wonderful innovation in camera technology: the digicam, my first digicam was a Sony cybershot, I got it like around 2008, that was a time when Facebook was just about to kick-off, there was no instagram and hourly picture status updates is not being pushed to its envelope yet. Having that piece of equipment at that time made me feel like a pro with all the built-in effects and numerous backgrounds that came with the camera that I could use to make my shots more interesting, more dramatic and aesthetically pleasing. I took it everywhere with me pretty much like a cellphone because one cardinal rule for me if you have a camera is to always bring it with you. I am always thinking that one will never know when that winning shot is going to show itself up so you better be prepared for what is going to happen.


That is the reason why the internet nowadays is filled with mind blowing real photographs because a lot of camera owners are always locked and loaded to take that next shot. As for me, I took it to the next level, I take pictures of random things that I see when I am walking on my way home from school (I was in my college senior year ) , I took random shots of butterflies, trees, people and stuff. The most interesting subject that I took photos of is probably the hobo. I don’t know but I find them interesting, I can sense a deep feeling of tranquillity when I look at them, they are so peaceful and serene albeit at first glance you will not realize it because of the layers of oil, dirt, dust, pollution and smoke that have accumulated on the surface of their countenance.  I think what I find interesting is the fact that they were once a normal human being like the rest of us and I marvel at the choice that they made to traverse the path of enlightenment. My journey with my beloved Sony Cybershot came to a grinding halt when it suddenly met its untimely demise during the holidays just last month. I got so annihilated at a party that I didn’t know what happened to the poor thing, I am thinking that it either was stolen or I threw it into a trash bin thinking that it is an empty beer can. So I need a replacement and I thought this is high time for me to jump into the SLR wagon.


Thing is I have blown most of my cash during the holidays including my 13th month pay. I got a BDO credit card which is good because Lazada is running a promo with them 0% interest for 3 months but I didn’t have enough limit to get the Canon EOS 1100D that goes for 23,998 PHP. My credit card only has 17 large in it so that means I am still short of seven grands to make it, I got 7 grands cash but I just not sure if there is a way to combine the two payments. So I checked with Lazada if that was possible and lo and behold I wasn’t disappointed. The gentleman on the phone had it arranged in such a way that I pay using my credit during check out and just hand over the remaining balance upon delivery.  I was so glad that Lazada allowed me to pay may item using two different methods of payment for a single transaction. Now I got my new SLR to continue my photographic adventures.   




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Aiming for a Lazada PH deal- A Review


I can never take away myself from joining contests regardless how many times I would lose. As a child, I was in love with Amanda Bynes and I would send Nickelodeon fan mails. Every now and then my letters would be read on air and I would go ballistic thinking that somehow Amanda would remember my name and thank me someday for being one of her number one fans. The second part obviously never happened. I was raised in a very happy and big family so it was innate in us to always dream big and to get up every after pit fall.

I signed up on Lazada Philippines because I heard about the oozing deals and contest they hold on a regular basis. It’s kind of in my nature to get into these things because first of all, I only devote my time and nothing else like money. Second, if ever I win, it’s a complete big deal because my hardwork will pay off considering how little effort I put it unless of course it’s a movie making contest. Those kinds I don’t join for apparent reasons. I found out about the hourly promos Lazada launches and I was stoked. I even got my boyfriend to join. It was the night an ipad mini was worth less than my fake ipad cases  so it was just stupid not to join considering how often I do with contests I join in that my friends would just usually laugh at because of how small my chances of winning are. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and we were talking about taking a trip to Tagaytay with two of our other friends. I had Lazada’s tab on one of my tabs while I was on Facebook trying to choose from my new photos from our recent event in Skye. I had little attention on every aspect of what I was doing so it was obvious how my competitiveness was on a high because I was just in time before the ipad mini was released. Both my boyfriend and I tried to purchase it as fast as we could. My boyfriend’s attempt was a complete fail because he forgot to log in so he took a little longer than I did. But despite me being already signed in, I still missed it and the ipad was instantly sold. My boyfriend and I took a pause for a while trying to figure out just what went wrong. After a while, we started cursing and feeling devastated about that one hell of a cheap ipad mini that got away! Right now, my boyfriend and I are still up on our toes awaiting the next promo. I am determined to get this next one because with so much of my time I devote blogging and typing, there just wouldn’t be any other fair reason to why I wouldn’t be the first one next to claim her prize. I know just how the mechanics work and all odds are in my favor on this one. I’m sure of it.




Lazada Philippines Review: 10 Points for Reliability

If there is one site that I will commend for reliability, that will be Lazada PH. I have been a loyal supporter of this site for quite some time now and I must say, it does not fail to impress me when it comes to credibility and reliability.

homepage-Star Wars.jpg  

I have tried buying items from other online shopping sites as well. But I have to admit, it is different with this site. I have had troubles with other sites before. For instance, there was this time when I was so afraid that the product I purchased will no longer be delivered since a couple of weeks have already passed since I completed the transaction.

With that bad experience, I have become very picky when it comes to my list of online shopping sites. In this regard, there are a number of factors which makes Lazada Philippines one of the most reliable sites for me. 

Various payment methods

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For one, this site gives shoppers like us leeway when it comes to payment methods. There are a couple of options available aside from the usual credit card payment. Hence, we can appropriately choose which method is most convenient for us.


There is even a “cash on delivery” option. This payment method is what appeals to me the most because it is the clearest attestation that I will be getting the items I ordered; if not, I do not have to pay. This is unlike the case with other online shopping sites where I do not have peace of mind whether my package will be delivered to me or not.


Secured online transactions


Another factor which I highly appreciate about this site is that it is PCI DSS approved. A solid proof to this is the seal of approval from the USD AG that is displayed in the homepage.

This means that the IT system of the site has passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard—the highest in the e-commerce industry. This is also an indicator that it has the best protection against credit card hacking, identity theft and other cybercrimes. In fact, experts say that it would take about 4 decades for the best internet geek to tamper with this security.


Top courier service

LBC lng.jpg 

Lastly, this site has partnered with the top courier service in the country which is LBC. This company is known not just for prompt deliveries, but also for the high quality of care that it gives to the packages.

Given that, I am assured that the items I purchased are well taken care of during shipping and they have the best protection against damages which is usually the problem with online shopping. This site even gives an additional layer of protection through its trademark blue plastic bubble wrap.

In conclusion

With all these three factors combined, shoppers like me are assured that we are getting the most reliable service there is with Lazada Philippines. We can have peace of mind that are online transactions are secured and we are not unnecessarily exposed to online criminal attacks.

Lazada Philippines Review: Great Customer Support

Online shopping involves a couple of risks. That is why I am very selective when it comes to the sites I purchase from. In this regard, Lazada Philippines is one of the very few sites I trust. There are a lot of things to love about this shopping site that set it apart from the rest. And the quality of their customer service is one of them.


The importance of customer support


High quality and reliable customer support is one of the main factors that indicate whether a company is reliable or not. This is important for any customer or shopper. And it is true not just in the case of online shopping sites; but for manufacturing companies, telecommunication companies and a bunch of other establishments in all industries.


The bottom line here is that we customers need a reliable team of customer service representatives who will help us when we have concerns or queries, or if some troubleshooting measures need to be done. And this is exactly what I found in Lazada Philippines.


Competent and courteous customer service


I have read a lot about the customer support of this site. The fact is, I am quite impressed. I have read about customers seeking help with the items in the site, or asking about their package. There are also those who received the wrong items.


But in all these cases, the good thing was there was reliable customer support. The customer service representatives were always available to help. They attended to all the customers’ needs. They monitored shipping, assured a replacement and guided the customers in every step of the way.


You can just imagine what they had to endure because of the rants of angry customers. But the representatives still maintained their courteousness and did their job well until the issues were solved.


Assurance is a big thing


One customer even said that the assurance the customer service representative gave them was of great help. This is also true for me as an online shopper. If something goes wrong, I need the assurance that the problem will be solved and my money will not be wasted.


But more than the assurance, the good thing about the customer service of this site is that it does the additional follow through. It does not end with mere words and promises. You see action and resolution.


Various ways to get in touch

contact us.jpg    

Lastly, one more factor I love about Lazada Philippines is that there are various ways to get in touch with the company. If you go to their “Contact Us” page, you will see there the various methods of getting customer support.


various ways.jpg

For instance, you will find this form on top. All you have to do is fill it up and submit it to the site right then and there. Or you can also send an email as indicated in their contact details. But if you want to speak directly to someone, you can just give them a call with their hotline which is available every day.


Lazada Philippines Review: Timely Promos for the Yuletide Season

 Online shopping can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of items to choose from. In fact, everything you will need can definitely be found online. And if you manage to find a good site, you will be able to enjoy good bargains that will give you the best value for your money. That is exactly what I got with Lazada PH.


Philippines’ online shopping mall

Although it was launched in the Philippine market just recently, this site has been receiving great following from the Filipino online shoppers. This is no wonder though since the site offers a wide variety of choices—from books to electronic devices, home decors, kids stuff, fashion items, sports gear, travel equipment and even health and beauty products. Name it and this site has it. Plus, there are products from the top brands so shoppers like me can be assured of the quality of the items we will be buying.

Another reason why I think this site undoubtedly deserves this moniker is the fact that it offers great promos to customers like me. Let me give some you some examples as proof.


The Sweet November Sale

sweet november.jpg


For the month of November, this site offers the Sweet November Sale promo. As you will see in the screen grab on the left, shoppers like us can enjoy up to 70% savings on the items under the home and living category. This includes home decors, furniture pieces, items for every room in the house, containers and organizers, as well as home hardware.



This is perfect for those who want to do some home renovation or redecoration in time for the coming of a new year. I have actually been scouting for home decors myself because I plan to do a little redecoration by the end of the year.


I have checked out this promo and there are really a lot of items to choose from. The prices are also great. More than that, there are also discounted items which are still offered with additional freebies. Now that is a great bonus for shoppers like me; perhaps a wonderful gift from Lazada Philippines for the Yuletide season. I will definitely get more items for less money.


Super Mom’s 5-Day Pre-Christmas Sale

pre xmas sale.jpg


Speaking of the Yuletide season, another running promo of the site is the Super Mom’s 5-Day Pre-Christmas Sale. Here, shoppers can get as much as 50% discount on a wide variety of items. For instance, there are products for infants and kids—baby essentials, clothes, bags, accessories, travelling gear, etc. Toys are also on sale, and so are various gift ideas for Christmas.


There are also different brands to choose from. So if you want to stay loyal to your brand, you can do so. This is especially important if the kids have sensitivities to certain products.


Last but not the least, I also love the fact that aside from the discount, shoppers like us will also be able to get additional freebies on certain items. Again, it is just like the other promo where I can get more for my money. This is definitely great news for Christmas from Lazada Philippines. I will be able to buy more items for my nephews and nieces.


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Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall- Make a change. Start connecting with Lazada Philippines

xmas car.jpg

New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or even Christmas Day, Lazada PH always has something up their sleeve to get their buyers on their toes. The great thing about them is, you don’t have to wait for all those holidays to come about to experience these wonderful discounts. Every single day they manage to put up on sale more than a hundred of their items making each visit like a holiday. So just imagine how much sale they put up when it’s the holiday season. I admire their dedication in assuring their customers of quality merchandises that make them a sure shot favorite. This Christmas, they have so much freebies that I can’t just get enough of. I ordered a number of items from them and because of that I became part of their 12 Gifts of Christmas promo wherein one customer gets a chance to win a prize weekly up to the grand raffle. Not getting chosen does not disqualify you of your chances in winning the following weeks. I can’t tell you just how ecstatic I was when I read about it. I haven’t won anything yet but still the idea of it makes the transactions I made worth it.

                If you want a variety of gifts because you are tired of getting everyone the same thing each year, Lazada is the perfect website for you. Put an element of surprise in your gifts by getting them something unconventional like a pair of shears if you’re feeling like that person needs a good haircut. Get your sister a pack of diapers to send out a message that you want a nephew or niece already. Be creative with your gifts without having to stress on where to get ideas and at the same time waste time checking one store at a time that might not even have anything you need in them. This site is the perfect place to do your lazy shopping especially if you have so much on your plate already that you can’t take some time off to do some errands. To be honest, I have used this site to make last minute orders because I have a tendency to lose track of the date and forget about my family and friends’ birthdays. It has been a savior and it doesn’t even know it. Also, with so much stuff their selling, it is highly unlikely that a site visitor loses interest while exploring the site. If you want an easy way of making this Christmas season special, consider buying from this site. You don’t have to worry about anything because the buying process, payment method and shipment procedure are very free-flowing. I don’t remember a time that I ever had a hard time or I had a need to follow up my orders. I guess it was a match made in heaven which is why I can’t yapping about it. I hope you don’t regret checking it out. It’s surely worth the time off Facebook or your other social networks.

Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall - Santa through Lazada

xmas gift.jpgAs a child, if you’re one of the few lucky ones, your dad would dress up as a bearded man in a red over-all with matching head gear. If you’re luckier, your dad’s probably already fat or if not, he’d go the extra mile of putting on a fat suit just to make everything more even realistic. He’d go down the chimney or for Filipinos, get in through the window or door to place gifts under your family Christmas tree. If you can’t still picture who the daddy pretended to be, let me save you trouble. He’s Santa Clause for crying out loud. Sorry to burst the bubble of those who still believe in one but he isn’t as real. Disney lied to us. Deal with it. Santa as what he would call himself would give us anything we wish for if we’re part of his nice list. Either I was always part of the naughty list or my dad just never felt like fooling me into believing this traditional nonsense. I’d go with the latter.

                This year, I turned thirteen. My celebration wasn’t anything special. In fact, it was worse than my twelfth birthday because this year, my parents’ annulment was finalized. Yup, it’s like their marriage never happened.  Hold the pity party and just read how I helped turn my frown outside down. Yes, they live in separate houses now but ever since that very dreadful day, I have been spending even more time with two of them, separately, of course. It was like they were both competing for my affections and they were surely not holding back. They were determined to shower me with gifts until they’re able to satisfy me with what they felt and thought I needed. The quality time with them was more than enough but I can’t deny how awesome the perks were.

                Just last month, my dad handed me an emergency credit card. He didn’t really stress so much on the emergency part. Instead, as he walked away, he looked back, winked and said that it was mine for the taking. You know what that meant right? Shopping spree! I didn’t tell my mom. I know she’d think of it as irresponsible. She’d probably be on the phone with my dad a few minutes after yelling at him for making such bad decisions. I was just over the whole set-up. All I thought of was, I wanted to get away. I needed to get away and I just wasn’t going to risk losing one of the few things that was able to make me crack a smile after everything they made me go through. I was going to massacre that card. True enough, I ended up in one of Philippines’ online shopping mall, Lazada PH. It was addicting. I got both my parents matching luggage bags for the fun of it (Who cares if it was my dad’s own money? It’s the thought that counts), dangling earrings for my bestfriend and fish eye lens for my boyfriend. After so many purchases for myself as well, my dad ended up taking away the credit card. He was furious but he didn’t yell at me like old times. I apologized and tried to repay my dad but he didn’t let me. Oh well, I guess I became a santa in my own little way. I guess I was still a Disney girl at heart. I just didn’t know it until then.

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